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YouTube – ESOcast 20: Richest planetary system discovered.

More about HD 10180 and its companions: Wikipedia and ESO

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ESOcast: Episode 11: 32 New Exoplanets Found

On 19 October 2009, at an international exoplanet conference, the team who built the High Accuracy Radial Velocity Planet Searcher, better known as HARPS, the spectrograph for ESO’s 3.6-metre telescope, reports on the incredible discovery of more than 30 new exoplanets, cementing HARPS’s position as the world’s foremost exoplanet hunter.

A planet 6 times the mass of Earth

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Saturn's Infrared Ring

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We’re trying something a little different – a video!  This video has some absolutely gorgeous artwork and animation.

From the YouTube page:

We made this video about the Big Bang because the theory is important and amazing, but often misunderstood.
This video was produced without any funding from any outside sources. It was put together with donated creative time from a group with a desire to further public cognition of science.
Science has many amazing stories to tell, this is the first. The Big Bang Briefly.
Story Teller: Janna Levin
Director: Keith Olwell and Elizabeth Kiehner
Producer: Keith Olwell and Elizabeth Kiehner
Animation Studio: Thornberg & Forester
Director of Animation: Justin Meredith
Editorial: Proton Studio
DP: Luke Geissbuhler
Music: Copilot
Color: James Long

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Red giant Sun, dead Earth

Credit: fsgregs/Wikimedia Commons.

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A previous post here featured “Giant Star Betelgeuse” – here’s a bit of perspective on just how gigantic this giant actually is!

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Quick aside: Experience the Planets is a great looking site with some amazing images of our Solar System.  Check it out!


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